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Norlog 400 gallon pond without pump


Product Description

Norlog 400 Gallon Raised Wooden Fish Pond



Our largest hexagonal pond with flat base.

Pressure treated solid Swedish timber

Supplied with a SealEco 0.75mm EPDM Liner for added strength and longevity.


Perfect for adding koi or fish to your garden

Liners and Covers have been supplying ponds and pond liner for over 40 years.

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Hexagonal shaped pond with built in seat for enjoying the pond

Pressure treated timber with 10 year warranty against rot

Superior 0.75mm thick EPDM pond liner
Non-toxic: safe for Koi, fish, animals and humans

Delivered flat packed, easy to install at home

No digging or foundations required

The 400 gallon raised pond is hexagonal, 2.29m wide and 75cm deep.

We have other sizes and shapes available – please see our shop.

Installing your raised pond
All our ponds are sent out with full installation instructions.
There is no need to dig a hole for this raised pond.

Our raised ponds are easy to build, enjoy, dismantle and move when required – the most flexible option to get a pond into your garden.