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Firestone 1.02mm Thick Heavy Duty EPDM Rubber Pond Liner


Product Description

Firestone PondGard 1.02mm EPDM Pond Liner
1mm thick heavy duty EPDM rubber; high tear resistance and UV stable.
Perfect for small garden, fish and ornamental ponds right up to large lakes.
Firestone PondGard is the best quality pond liner on the market.
Superior quality, 1.02mm thick
Black colour
Certified non-toxic: safe for Koi, fish, animals and humans
Super flexible and tensile to fit easily into the shape of your pond
Great tear and puncture resistance (we recommend using a protective underlay with your liner)
Unaffected by UV, ozone or weather
Long Life: over 40 years
It is possible to join multiple sheets of Firestone liner to get bigger sizes or different shapes
Our Firestone Pond Liner comes in 2ft widths from 6′ – 26′ as standard, which you can find on eBay. We do stock a range of sizes that may not be shown in the drop down box so please contact us if you require a different size and we will be happy to help.
Measuring for your pond liner
Follow our steps below to calculate the minimum size of pond liner you need*
(there is a diagram in the pictures above showing what you need to measure):
Width = maximum width + twice maximum depth
Length = maximum length + twice maximum depth
*Depending on how you are going to fix your pond liner, you may wish to add a little to each dimension.

For large ponds/lakes, we would recommend that you take more accurate measurements after excavation, prior to ordering your liner. 

You should measure the maximum width and maximum length then add a little (we would recommend at least 50cm) to each dimension for anchoring the liner.
Installing your pond liner
All our pond liners are sent out with full installation instructions.

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