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Evolution Aqua K1 Media – 50 Litres


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K1 Media from Evolution Aqua has been designed to create a good level of biological filtration thanks to the unique shape and movement of each tiny piece of media. The movement also means that larger particles of waste are caught and separated so it also works as a mechanical media too.

Created in a wheel shape, the K1 Media allows for the growth of bacterial colonies which breakdown the nitrite and ammonia in the water into less harmful nitrates. Used in conjunction with an air pump (not supplied) the holes in the media mean that it can ‘bounce’ around in the filtration chamber and circulate freely, for maximum exposure to the water and the best results.

As the media moves around, old bacteria is dislodged, which means it needs next to no maintenance. It’s perfect to use in the Evolution Aqua Eazypod and Nexus filters, so ideal for Koi ponds.

Evolution Aqua have involved fish experts and scientists in the planning and manufacture of this media so you can depend upon the best product and the best performance.