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Evolution Aqua EazyPod Air Grey



Product Description

The Eazy Pod Air Grey

The Eazy Pod Air Grey, best small pond filter just got better !  Due to popular demand the Eazy Pod is now also available with an Airtech 70 Air Pump kit.

Introducing the Eazy Pod Air Grey, yes thats right the kit includes a Airtech 70 Air Pump, manifold, 10m airline & 2 air stones.

The Eazy pod Air Green for smaller ponds has unparalleled results, the Eazy Pod Air is the latest to come from the Evolution Aqua stable and is set to meet the challenge of today’s koi Pond enthusiast.

The Eazy pod Air Features:

  • is a complete filter and air Pump system for smaller ponds with unparalleled results
  • comes complete with Airtech 70 Air Pump, manifold, 10m airline & 2 air stones
  • is a small filter (only 23 inches tall) utilising proven Nexus Eazy success
  • has a Quick and eazy cleaning cycle with the supplied Airtech 70 Air Pump
  • With their is no wet or dirty hands
  • comes complete with adjustable rubber connectors (all pipework up to 3 inch)
  • works equally well pump or gravity fed
  • also comes with a compact lid as standard.