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Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve



Product Description

Product Information

The Cetus Sieve from Evolution Aqua is an excellent pre-filter that can be both gravity and pump fed. Used with a pressurised filter, it will reduce backwashing and cut down the amount of heavy solids – prolonging the life of your pond equipment.

A complete moulded unit, it boasts a flush fitted 300 micron screen which retains large pieces of waste and debris. With a maximum flow rate of 18,000 litres per hour it is perfect for use with large ponds and pools. It arrives ready to use, with flexible boots to connect to existing pipework.

The Cetus strains away large pieces of debris and waste, which means that a skimmer or bottom drain can take vast quantities of waste water without maintenance. As the water then flows to a filter, such as the Nexus Eazy/Eazy Pod, it reduces the work of these units, making them last longer and work more efficiently.

If the unit is pump fed, the sieve must be placed above pond water level, the expelled water is gravity dropped into the main filter. If gravity fed, the Cetus has a variable height inlet, thanks to the patented Pondflow regulation system. This unique feature works to allow differing water levels without causing the pump to be starved of water.

As the water is moved quickly through the sieve, oxygen enters the flow increasing vital levels and improving water quality.

Key Features:

  • Can be gravity OR pump fed.
  • Perfect fit screen so no waste can bypass.
  • Plug and Play
  • Reduces backwashing / maintenance of pressurised filters.
  • Robust one piece mould -no welded joints – no leaks!
  • Large waste collection area which slopes to sump outlet.
  • Ideal for mechanically filtering skimmer lines.
  • Patented float that gives constant flow for gravity-fed level fluctuations.
  • Tri-slot 300 micron wedge wire screen in 316L stainless steel on 100% of surface area
  • Increased levels of oxygen.

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