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Dyofix Powder


Product Description

1kg of Blue (10x100gm water soluble sachets)

Application 1g per 10,000ltr

An Algae and Weed Growth Inhibitor for Ponds, Lakes and Fisheries.

It can be very costly and time consuming clearing algae and submerged weeds from ponds, lakes and fisheries that have become choked with the unsightly nuisance. Aquatic weeds often cause serious problems in ponds, interfering with fishing, boating, swimming and irrigation

DyoFix products offer a safe, non-toxic, algae control solution. Within a short space of time your pond or lake is turned into an aesthetically pleasing expanse of water, in an environmentally friendly way.  The use of chemicals, algaecides, herbicides etc, if not used in precise doses or under strict supervision by experts, can cause an imbalance of the natural nutrients in the pond.

Dyofix algae control solutions are all propriety blends of European Food Approved colours and will not pose any threat to humans, animals, fish, visiting wildlife, domestic animals or insects

Dyoflex works by simply blocking certain light spectrums, therefore denying the algae & weeds their food source.

DyoFix Pond Blue

Water treated at the application rate indicated for DyoFix Pond Blue will very slightly colour the water blue, but, at this application rate, it is hardly noticeable. Should you wish to colour the water blue, simply increase the strength.

DyoFix Lake Shadow

The shadow does not show up as a colour to the human eye and this is why it is very popular.  The Shadow is a mixture of three colours, 40% of which is the Blue and, as it is the Blue that “does the job” this explains why you need to use more shadow than when using just the Blue.

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