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Norlog Raised Ponds

Norlog raised ponds are the simple way to create beautiful garden raised ponds in minutes. Norlog are leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality wooden garden furniture, planters, and ponds.

Easily assembled in your garden within 5 to 20 minutes. The structures are also very easy to disassemble to relocate. All of the products above ground, so there’s no need for digging or plumbing. The square and rectangular Norlog raised ponds feature a solid body giving the contents excellent protection from extreme frosts and large animals.

Norlog raised ponds are made from high quality 75mm x 50mm (3 x 2) treated Swedish timber. The timber on these raised ponds is pressure treated for a 10 year guarantee against rot. They take minutes to assemble due to the unique design.​

All models up to the 300 gallon version have a fitted shaped PVC pond liner. The liners are the same tough, durable specification as standard pond lining material. It’s shaped exactly to fit the particular wooden pond surround. The liners aren’t self-supporting, but have ‘handles’ that discretely hook round the logs near the top of the wall.