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Firestone Pond/Lake Lining Products

The below products can be used during the construction of your pond liner. For more information on their use see the design and construction section of this website or contact us directly.

  • QuickPrime Plus as a primer / adhesive for Firestone Tapes.
    Bonding adhesive for fixing the liner to various surfaces such as brick or concrete walls.
  • QuickSeam Tape for joining pond liners together.
  • QuickSeam FormFlash for fitting pond lining onto pipes, into corners etc.
  • QuickSeam Pipe Flashing for fixing inlet/outlet pipes.
  • Water Block as a sealant.
  • Lap Sealant for extra protection on cut joints.
  • Termination Bars for mechanically fixing a pond liner onto walls.
  • Rollers for use with Tape and FormFlash.
  • Scrubber & Applicator Pad for cleaning the liner and applying primer and adhesive.
  • Joining kits for joining up to 2m of pond liner together.

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